Fearless Catholic Writing Camp 2019 Student Anthology - Group 3


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Angela, age 12

The Lady and the Church

It is a Sunday morning, and everyone is bustling and hustling to get ready for church. Before church started, a woman came rushing out of the village. She wore a white shirt with a blue skirt and because she was going to church she wore a hat . . . she was very excited because it was Easter. Then she remembered that she had to decorate the church before everyone came!

When she got to the church she found the basket where all the Easter decorations were. Then she saw that the sun was rising, and she began to panic. Some people already had come into church and wondered why she was on a stool with decorations in her hand. She was halfway finished when the priest told her she had to do this quick because Mass was about to start. After she finished, the people were saying that she did a good job decorating the church. When she came home she ate some food and drank a cup of coffee. She was so exhausted she went to bed and when it was the next day she was energized and went to work!

The Sun Gives Us Life

The sun gives us heat when it’s cold and light when it’s dark. The sun helps the plants grow for us to eat. Sometimes we might think the sun is annoying and it is too bright, but then we realize that without the sun we will have no light to see where we are going, and we will have no food to eat. Without the sun we won’t have life because everyone— even the plants—depend on the sun.

Nathaniel, age 12

In the Bowels of Time

A marvelous ancient city in the foothills near the gathering. A sturdy rock protrudes from the ground carrying a quaint windmill. Mysterious black crows patrol the sky above.
Thousands of people gather near the town, a celebration of sorts. They sport medieval clothing and a simple lifestyle. Yet they are celebrating in contentment at this glorious festival.
“What is happening?” a little boy wonders. He is as clueless as a man thrown into these bowels of time against his will. He silently observes his surroundings. He wonders what these roaring festivities all represent.
A world lost. A time forgotten. Back when men could not entertain themselves at the press of a button. Back when there were few buttons to be pressed.

The Sounds of the Great Organ

The sounds of the great organ
A wonder of musical technology
The ringing of the bells
The simplest of musical instruments

The chant of the priests
Not an instrument but still music
The silence of prayer
A moment which no music can fill

These are the sounds of the mass. 

Kaitlyn, age 11


white garments at mass
Christ resurrects from the death
flowers by altar

Hope is Greater than You Think

The glossy blue ocean
cold with glaciers all around
the mountains hiding behind the fog
a pirate ship seeking to find treasure
the cold days of winter with little light to spare

a fisherman striving to find fish for his children
a soldier hoping to take a break by the shore with his horse
a lonely shepherd with ripped and old clothes wishes for a companion

the fisherman is doubting if he will ever find food for his family
he sees a woman by shore struggling to find air
he glides over to the woman, grabs for what feels like an arm
and carries the woman back to shore without hesitation

no one will ever understand the loneliness of your soul
no one will ever see the acts of kindness you perform
Except God . . .


Colorful, Beautiful, Extravagant, and Jubilant are adjectives that describe a big box of colored pencils. That big box of colored pencils reminds me of me. I am bright, beautiful, extravagant, etc. In my life a big bright colored pencil box is in it. ME!!! My favorite hobby is coloring and drawing. I love the first whiff of the new colored pencil box, it makes me so excited. I also love the sharpness of the colored pencils. That is what a big box of colored pencils means to me.

Abby, age 10

Cheerful Island

This island is small and happy. It’s midday at the island. The island is surrounded by a body of water. All the plants are starting to bloom so it’s very bright. The island is filled with shops and houses.

On the island brown, blue, and white are very popular clothing colors. The shops are open and ready for business and the people are ready to buy. Other people are selling groceries, clothing, and other things. People are walking on the streets to go home and have lunch.

A mom walking her son is going to buy some food for supper tonight. A couple is walking, looking at all the shops and is going home for lunch.

My Trip to Waco

First, my family and I went to a market in Waco called Magnolia Silos. It was very busy. It was lunch time so we were going to go to a restaurant called Magnolia Table, but it was so crowded to get a table we would have to wait for two hours. So, we went to a different place called Ninfa's. It was really cold and half my taco shell was soggy. Now that we had eaten lunch we went to a shop Hard Design Co. and looked around other shops.

We decided to go to the Dr. Pepper museum. While we were there we learned that Dr. Pepper was invented in Waco and that Dr. Pepper is one year older than Coke. It was six so we drove to a place called Diamondbacks. We got drinks and I noticed that the lights were lower and lower, then the power went out on the whole block. So, we went to a different restaurant. But I didn’t really like the food. We went to the hotel and went to bed. The next day we left the hotel and drove.

David, age 12


Where is the light? I have not seen it in years, days, or months. Is that light I see . . . no . . . darkness. Light is all I want.

The days of light were amazing. My day was always there waiting. Where is he? Light . . . darkness . . . nothing.
Goodbye, world.

Wasted Time

A very quiet beach. As the waves sway
side to side, but time is wasted here.

Standing on the nice cool sand
sinking my toes into the sand.

While he looks at wasted time he
thinks why people waste time here,
this is a good place to have fun.

Why would people waste time?
In that time they could do many

things like get rich, famous, help the world.
Some people think they finished all

their work, so they do nothing until
there is something. People can be lazy
and they waste time.

Silver Cage

In a boat moving side to side. Each trip feels more wild and crazy. The more I do, the more I get hurt. I thought I was helping. Now I know I was in my eyes but not in theirs. Here in this silver cage with no escape. Is that light I see? Oh, wait. That is just my imagination.

Kennedy, age 9

The Little Castle

It is early Sunday morning
the sky is starting to bloom.
There on top of the little green hill
there on the top stands the
old little castle which looks down
on the small tiny village.

And here comes Miss Rose
in her bright blue dress and little straw hat.
She walks alone
up the wide path from early
Sunday mass and now she
comes home from church
to do her daily tasks.

After all her tasks
are done and the day is coming to an end
this poem is going to
close with the two words.

The End.

The Magic Pencil!

Long ago there lived a girl named Lidya. Lidya loved to write more than anything in the world. She was writing her essay for school in her room one day when she noticed that her pencil was quivering very queerly. Lidya picked up the pencil and disappeared into a whole new world. Lidya shut her eyes and felt a very cold rush of wind pass her by. She found herself in a place she would never forget.

Tyler, age 11

The Lion’s Hunt

On the desert sand
at midnight’s wake
the moonlight’s rays
were the lion’s candle

A man with a staff
with a lute at his side
the Lion’s mane, royal and
fine. The man snoozes from
all the booze.

The Lion’s observation
with its savage reputation,
sniffing the man
on the cold desert sand

The man’s body
became the Lion’s bread.
God blessed his soul
with a single blow.

Thanksgiving Day

On Thanksgiving my dad and I went fishing. I was very excited because it was my first time. I thought I was going to get a very big fish. My dad taught me how to cast out my bait so it was easy. Right away, my dad caught a very big fish. It was a catfish, but it was blue! We put it back in the pond because we couldn’t take it home. Then I suddenly caught a fish! It was a bass so we put it back in the pond and went home. I knew that God helped me catch that fish.

Elyse, age 12


In the shadows, there is darkness. On the cold hard floor lays an apple green rug. There is a warm cozy bed.
Little yellow lights appear. A line. A curve. A portal. A woman covered in brown cloth walks out of the portal and sits on the bed. She waits.
In a while, it will come out. She waits. And thinks. And sleeps. An angel swoops out and scoops up the woman. They ascend into the portal. The light is gone. In the shadows, there is darkness.
Some are worth waiting for.

Pomeranian Poem

fluffy as a cotton ball
black nose like a cat
ears like a wolf
playful as a baby
big eyes like an owl
loyal as a dog

Winter’s Poem

When the snowflakes fall,
a white blanket builds a deep sleep
as the lakes freeze.

Oscar, age 12


It was once a blue-moony night. Heading into the early hours of the morning. Wind blowing very softly in the dark hours.

He is playing the guitar for it is the only thing he owns, the only thing that brings him happiness when there is complete darkness.

He has worked very hard throughout his life but was paid very little for his hard work and dedication. Soon he will retire and live in peace.

Even though your dedication can be ongoing, sometimes people won’t understand.

The Man

One sunny afternoon I hear a knock at the door. I don’t really hear, but a tall man enters and I feel quivers run down my spine as he enters. He is a tall man with a suitcase and a black suit.

Weeks go by and wherever I go I feel uneasy. Sometimes you see him then *poof* he’s gone. I tell my parents that he’s suspicious and people should be aware, but they think I’m crazy.

A couple of days pass and he leaves. I go to the window to see where he goes next, but he goes next door. I suddenly feel uneasy then I go to bed. Next morning LAPD knocks on the door and asks if I’ve seen a tall man with a suitcase and black suit. Then I point next door. Slowly, I close the door in fear of what he may have done.

Adam, age 11

Stranger Comes

Hello, I am Mad the Cat, and a terrible thing happened today. A stranger came and performed acts at our party. Now today was the Chinese New Year and everybody was happy until he performed his final act. In his final act he revealed his identity as Solar Lunaris! While the members of his gang were performing their acts like clowns and acrobats, lion dances and dragon parades, he was slipping sleeping potion into the cups and goblets! And then he made a toast. Everybody drank and began to fall asleep! Then he hypnotized them by swirling his cloak singing,

“See the moon, see the stars,
see them pinned by blackest night.
See the diamonds, red and purple
silk and fire, blood and light.
See them turning, ever turning
like a great mandala wheel.
See them as the fires burn
what is false
what is real.”
(see below for footnote)

Then everybody fell into a deep, deep slumber. Except for Solar Lunaris and his gang. Who kidnapped the kids!

Footnote: a quotation from Brian Jacques, "Mattimeo" in the Redwall series.


What you see here is just a small part of the Shinto Pantheon. Now I would like to tell you a story about the spirit Aka, Kami of the Sun and Wind. So, a long, long time ago there was a small farming village, but the wind kept blowing things around, so the sun hid herself in a cave. The people could not grow the crops. So the people went to the cave and found a tree so they hung a sword, a jewel, and a mirror. The sun could not resist looking at herself in the mirror and the eclipse was ended. The end.

Sophia, age 11


All at once the windows opened and high above the clouds it began to form into spaghetti. I wanted to eat it, but my mom said, “No, you’re too young.” I went outside anyway. I was starting to eat it, but all of a sudden I went to another place. There was a forest surrounding me. Its bark was a gold color and its leaves were silver. When I looked to my right, I saw a young man my age. He had dark brown hair, silver eyes, and blue skin. When I looked at him he seemed to fade away, then he disappeared. I tried to find him but could not. Suddenly, he was right next to me. His name was Max. He told me to follow him, so I did. Max took me to a place called Vitify (vi-tif-i). All the houses were purple and all the aliens looked the same. Then, right before my eyes was a huge castle silver and blue. Once I was inside I met the king Salkify (sal-ke-fy). I told him I wanted to go home, and he said yes. But he said, "Your majesty." And before I could ask about it, I was back home.

The End.

Noah, age 12

The Old Man

When I walked down the dirty street and I saw a man holding an old, beat-up guitar and singing The Blues and anything anyone wanted to hear. All what the old man would like is some food and shelter because his time is coming near and all the campfires in the oil barrel are burning out. But he is old and needs somebody to give him a helping hand.


The Sun is very beautiful. It provides us light, it gives us happiness, and it gives us joy. The sun gives us more than that though. It gives us life. If we did not have the sun we would live in total darkness and it would be so cold that all of us would become ice cubes. The sun also gives all the plants and animals life too. If we didn’t have the sun, all the trees and plants would die out. (And that means no oxygen.) Also, it gives us joy after a horrible thunderstorm.

Reagan, age 11


people wearing white
flowers before the altar
Jesus has risen

The Stranger

One day my mom’s sister came, I had never met her. She was wearing a huge black coat, a big furry scarf, and long black shoes. “Take my bag please,” she said to me. I took the bag. It felt like a quilt and it smelled like strong perfume.
I thought her outfit was weird enough, but I was wrong. She declared the house was hers, she tricked our cat to go against us, and insisted we had the horrible smelling frog stew for dinner. She made our house her secret fortress and made us all her servants. The worst thing she made us do was give her feet a bath. You are probably thinking that’s not too bad, but it was. They smelled worse than a garbage can, she had about twenty moles, and in between each toenail was filthy.
When it came to the time for her to leave we all wept and cried, but we were just pretending because we were glad she’d left.
(Please don’t come back!)

The Pig

This pig lives at a farm in Oklahoma. The farm is called Flying Pigs Farm. They only have pigs and dogs living at the farm. The farm is run by an old lady and her daughter.
One day the old lady saw that this pig was not fond of the other pigs. She took him in her house and showed him to her two dogs Margie and Phil. The pig liked Margie and Phil very much and lived happily ever after with the old lady, her daughter, Margie, Phil, and the rest of the farm.

Mary, age 11

God’s Night


singing of the bells
homily being spread throughout
songs of the schola

The dark shady night
with glowing stars in
the sky and the church
lights on with the steeple
nice and tall

The parents tucking their
children in, quietly singing

As I peer out my window
I see a shooting star. I
make a wish for the night
and get under my covers
and drift off to sleep

The shining stars, the
sea blue night all belong
to God

The Lonely Dog

Out in the dark alley there lived a lonely dog named Spot. Spot was a Dalmatian. Nobody liked Spot because he acted very childish. One day a house went up in flames. Spot dashed in and saved everyone. Spot became a fire dog. Everybody gave Spot treats. The fire dog was known everywhere, Spot.

Carmela, age 9

Harry Potter

Harry Potter is the Best to me. It’s like I’m obsessed with Harry Potter. I am going to tell you about how I got into being a Potter head. So, I was at my cousin’s Amber house. And we were playing ROBLOX together and while I was playing with her she kept on talking about Harry Potter. (Me and Amber always see each other so she always talked about it, and so I started to like it.) So that’s why I love Harry Potter.

Nicholas, age 13

Advent Haiku

A wreath with candles
purple garments worn at mass
awaiting the Lord

The Storm

The war against England is over. It’s been over for a decade. Although the period of war has passed, hard times are coming for the American colonists of New Jersey. For at this time of peace, most colonists in New Jersey want to travel back to England and collect more members of their families to bring to the New World. However, a terrible force of nature—that they don’t think is nature—is putting a stop to their plans.
This horrible force is a raging and thundering storm. Ever since June 1, the storm has ravaged the coast of New Jersey, destroying homes and damaging the harbor where the ships to England are supposed to set sail. For days, the residents of the village on the coast prayed to Almighty God that the storm would cease. Even the priests in the chapel acknowledged the storm in their homilies by telling the stories of when Christ calmed a storm.
One day, a brave man named Paul decided that he wouldn’t stand idle while the storm roared on, and the colonists wept for their loved ones back in England. He decided that no matter what, he would commandeer the largest vessel he could find, and sail through the storm to the place where his relatives were ruled by an oppressive king. But Paul had a brother whom he lived with named Edmund, and when Edmund saw Paul leave their small wooden cottage with his possessions, and head to the docks. His eyes welled up and his body trembled.
Edmund chased his brother yelling fearfully, “P-Paul! Where are you going?!”
“I’m going where no one else will brother; I’m going to England!” Paul yelled back. “Come with me and we’ll bring our family back home together!”
“B-but we can’t! We’ll sink our ship and drown!” Edmund called.
“You coward! You pathetic coward! What about our niece, Mary, and our cousin,
Tom? Don’t you want to see them again?”
Edmund gave no reply.
“Fine! I’m going without you!” yelled Paul.
Edmund looked all about him, but all he could hear and see was heavy rain falling and harsh winds that screamed with terror. Paul boarded the ship he would sail. Edmund was filled with fear and hopelessness for his brother and he knew not what to do. In moments, Edmund became angry. He was angry at God. All of a sudden, Edmund fell to the ground and cried out so loud that one might have thought he was louder than the thunder. He cried, “Oh Lord, why have you led us to win a war against men, only for us to face another war against nature?! I beg of you! Save our village and my brother! Free us from this demonic storm!”
Edmund buried his face in the dirt after he said this, balancing on his knees. Just then, Edmund ceased to hear the howling winds blow and ceased to feel the rain drench his hair and clothes. He looked up and saw what felt like paradise. The rain was gone, the winds no longer howled, Paul got out of the ship he boarded, the villagers came out of their homes, and the sky was bright and blue (although it was supposed to be nighttime). The villagers rejoiced as Paul and Edmund threw themselves into one another’s arms.