Fearless Catholic Writing Camp 2019 Student Anthology - Group 2


All Anthology Content ©Catholic Literary Arts 2019

Peregrine, age 15


Oh, Lord, we cry to you!
We cry for your forgiveness
for an end to war and death
for an end to hunger and disease.
We pray that you may see the goodness
and turn your eyes from the sin
that you may smile upon us again.
Oh, King of all above,
we beg for your mercy.
Oh, Lord, we cry to you!


With the Lord

When in Mass I’m with my Lord
I hear His word spoken clearly
When I go receive my Lord
I feel my worries clearly
I hear the choir praise the Lord
and the incense lifts my prayer


Maegan, age 13

My Psalm

Oh Lord, I am thankful for your blessings!
Oh Lord, how mighty is your love!
Oh Lord, the earth trembled uncontrollably for it knew your will was done!
Oh Lord, you shield me with your wings!
Oh Lord, I know more blessings come my way!
Oh Lord, you’ve made a home for me!
So that with you in heaven is where I’ll stay.

I am Here, and that is Where I’ll Forever Be

I am here
by my fountain
laying content in the sun
when I see my brother’s
whose is bigger than mine
and I am filled with envy.
So I make up my mind
and stand up to go
and that is when I realize the
Me and my brother, he and I
own the exact same thing.
We both own water – nothing
more, nothing less – and that is
all it will ever be.
So look at your own fountain
with love and gratitude, because
one day it will be replaced by
and you will be filled with joy
and excitement.
You will be old and wise by then,
but know this.
It is a fountain – nothing more,
nothing less – and that is all it will
ever be.

When I see my brother’s
Whose is bigger than mine

Allie, age 14

Blessed be the Lord, Oh Lord I am Grateful for Your Blessings

Oh Lord, I am grateful for your Blessings. You have given me the gifts of family, shelter, friends, and food. Thank you for blessing me with health, education, siblings, and safety. Your Blessings have helped me achieve my goal of becoming your holy child. Your Blessings help me have a heart of gold. They help me to see the light in my life.

Easter Haiku

Jesus on the cross
resurrecting for people
on a bright Sunday


Aaliyah, age 13


My eye is fierce,
my wrath is fury,
a just and holy
punishment follows
an endless river
of mercy.
I will give all their due.

Trinity, age 12


Fortitude is a lion,
strong and courageous,
ruler of the jungle.
Jesus has a lion’s heart
courageous enough
to die on the cross
for us.



having four candles
on a wreath of leaves
lighting one every week


Us having to fast
forty days and forty nights
just like Jesus did

Loving Pain

Walking a long path towards your death
Falling three times but never giving up
Blood, sweat and tears falling from your face
Mothers in pain
People crying in misery
Getting nails jammed inside your hands,
inside your feet but yet it was all for us

Now we praise you for all that you’ve done
We embrace you
But yet you always watch over us



Oh Lord, I am grateful for your blessing. Thank you for the strength to praise you, for the people who are in my life through thick and thin, for the shelter you built that we can stay inside, and education so I can learn about you. Thank you for everything.


David, age 14

(a variation on “I, too” by Langston Hughes)

I’m fast
I’m athletic
I’m kind

I, too, play football

I create perfect plays
they send me to the bench
when they think I’m tired.
But I’m not tired
so, I rest well.
And get my energy back in me.

Next time, I’ll be so energetic
when they think I’m tired,
my coach won’t dare say to me
sit on the bench

they’ll keep me in
and be ashamed.

I, too, am a football player.


Walking with Our Heavenly Mother
The sun is setting

We come to this house
This lady greets us with excitement

The lady says with a calm voice, “Blessed are you among women
And blessed is the fruit of your womb

Then Our Heavenly Mother’s child in her womb leaps for joy
On that day forward we shall call her “Blessed”.

Kevin, age 14


Flowers all over
Kind smiles everywhere
Our God is present


Oh Lord, we cry to you
our world is hell.
People are acting like animals
our world is filled with darkness.
We need your light to shine.
Oh Lord, where are you?


One Hour

We wake up early
to worship
we adore

We have been doing
this over
2,000 years

We remember
Our Lord’s

We are filled with grace
we take His
body and blood

We kneel when You’re
present. You are great
Your kingdom will
never end

We receive
You on
the tip of our tongues

When the hour
is up
we go out to
be Your servants

Tatiana, age 14

I, too, Help the Less Fortunate

Every chance I get,
I travel to Mexico.
I build houses for families.

Each break,
I go do my service.
It makes the families happy.
It makes me happy too.

Helping out
takes time and sweat
but brings me joy.

I, too, am a helper.

Joseph, age 13


You need courage to make big choices, while you need strength to go through with that choice or action. Fortitude is one of the four cardinal virtues for strength and courage. When I think of Fortitude I think of a strong lion. Lions have to be courageous to protect their families from animals that may want to hurt them such as elephants. Jesus is also like a lion because He used strength to carry the weight of the world’s sins on the cross. He was also courageous going through that horrific pain on the cross. He also stood up to Satan like a lion would stand up to an elephant. Jesus will always protect his sheep, like a lion would their pride.

O Guardian Angel

O Guardian Angel dressed in white
Protect us from the temptations that are hidden from sight
Sing your holy song
Let your vibrant voice sing out
Use your wisdom that the Lord has gifted you
to help me make the correct decisions
O Guardian Angel dressed in white
help me find my way to the light